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Great Hampton Street is one of Birmingham’s most historic streets and has experienced a huge amount of change over the years. It was once home to many of Birmingham’s wealthy industrialists and visionaries and the street and its surrounding area played a major part in the growth of the city during and after the industrial revolution.

Today, with considerable great care and attention paid to protecting the history of this amazing part of Birmingham, the restoration and transformation of Great Hampton Street is well underway.

The future is exciting

The foundations of a vision for Great Hampton Street has been sown and is being led by Cordia Blackswan, property developers renowned and highly respected for developing property that adds value to residents and community.

Cordia Blackswan are also highly experienced in the restoration of heritage buildings and, for a city such as Birmingham with an exciting future but also a fascinating history, this is so important.

Be part of the journey

Cordia Blackswan has built a strong reputation for engaging and involving people in their places. It is community that together turn developments and visions into places that people want to live in, visit and enjoy. Cordia Blackswan believe that building homes should never be done in isolation and every attention should be paid to meeting the wider needs of neighbourhoods where they are located creating sustainable communities where people can live happier, richer, and more fulfilling lives.

We want you to be part of the Great Hampton Street journey!

Your Place Your Space

This platform, created and managed by Your Place Your Space, is a shared digital space that, together with community, will grow as a place where people can follow what’s happening, share their memories and together influence the future.

Birmingham is renowned for its creativity and its creatives and this digital space is where we invite people to showcase their passions and play their part in the future of their city.

Connect with us

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you remember about Great Hampton Street. Tell us what you’d like to see going forward. Share your passions for your place with us.

Let's connect and show you what we can do together

However you want to engage and connect with Great Hampton Street and its community to drive social and economic impact, let’s meet and discuss how together we can create and grow a digital space to support your vision for your organisation.

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Alternatively contact:

Jonathan Bostock
0121 4105520

Community with shared values

Great Hampton Street is all about engaging local people and connecting community with business for increased social and economic impact.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you.

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Alternatively contact:

Debra Power
0121 4105520

Great Hampton Street – Placemaking with community is brought to you by Cordia Blackswan and YourPlaceYourSpace, in a partnership that connects community with the vision of Great Hampton Street, the history of Great Hampton Street and all the developments taking place in the area.

We’d love to hear from you and have you involved in our exciting vision for this fascinating part of Birmingham.

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